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Man Dancing Wildly at Willie Nelson Concert

(Taste of Country) – One man at a Willie Nelson concert took the expression “dance like no one’s watching” to its limits with a flailing performance that left those at the show amazed and amused. Thankfully, it was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube. This 75-second clip is guaranteed to brighten your day.

The prevailing opinion of social media commentators is that middle-aged man is under the influence of some drug, perhaps ecstasy or a “molly.” He does seem to be in his own state of euphoria, but he’s not really disturbing anyone else. Although, show patrons did clear out a large circle for him to express himself in…

It’s not clear when this performance took place. Fashion choices and Nelson’s short hair seem to indicate that the clip reaches back a few years, as the singer cut his braids in 2010. But Nelson lets his hair down so rarely it’s difficult to envision what it would look like if he did so today.

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